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Management of Stressed and NPA (Training)

Training event in Mumbai on Management of Stressed and Non-performing Assets “Protecting Shareholder value during declining growth periods”

The Challenge

Bad loans are a drag on resources of the bank, on the one hand, they don’t earn any interest and on the other precious resources are locked up. They erode current profits through provisioning requirements. Further a lot of time, money and productive man hours is lost in the process of follow-up and recovery of bad loans. Therefore recovery of bad loans assumes great significance.

Dates and Location

August 20, 2014
9.15am to 5.30 pm-both days
Hotel BestWestern Ashoka,Hyderabad:


Rs 4,500 inclusive of taxes (Pricing is per participant)
Discounts: For four or more nominations from same organization , discount of 10% of the program fee.


Manoj Jain (98337 67114) -

R Murali -