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Financial Risk Management

Basel II

Our team of professionals are able to guide clients on matters relating to Basel II framework using basic, standard and advanced approaches for Market, Credit and Operational risk.

Pillar II (ICAAP) is another significant piece in the risk management framework that really establishes deep foundation for strong risk governance. Our team can assess the ICAAP gaps and help identify vendors and professionals who can assist.

Basel III

Just like any other regulation, Basel III evolved as a result of a crisis, a regulatory arbitrage or a crack in the Basel II regulation that resulted in the massive global crisis.

As per BIS -"Basel III" is a comprehensive set of reform measures, developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, to strengthen the regulation, supervision and risk management of the banking sector.

These measures aim to:

  • improve the banking sector's ability to absorb shocks arising from financial and economic stress, whatever the source
  • improve risk management and governance
  • strengthen banks' transparency and disclosures.

To help you to better understand the requirement and how to obtain the relevant regulatory guidelines, we have provided some links relating to Basel III.

Guidelines on Implementation of Basel III Capital Regulations in India

Implementation of Basel III Capital Regulations in India – Draft Guidelines

RBI Releases Draft Guidelines on Liquidity Risk Management and Basel III Framework on Liquidity Standards

Basel III in a nutshell

Basel: Compilation of documents- Global regulatory framework for capital and liquidity