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Virtual Risk Manager

As a CRO, to manage your growing risk management initiatives, there are times when your current Risk Department cannot handle all the tasks or does not have adequate expertise to handle these.

You are left with a choice to either hire additional full time employee, whom you may have to terminate afte the job is done OR you hire external consultants to do this job.

Well, we provide a third and more feasible alternative. We provide Virtual Risk Managers (VRM) who are on our payroll, but take instructions from you. They are fully dedicated to you for the time periods that you have hired them for. They are similar to your full time employees except that these virtual Risk managers are hired for a smaller time period per week. You could have VRM on a hourly basis, a fixed time per week etc.

Despite these terms, VRMs can be contacted any time for anything that you need done. And small conversations with our VRM are always free.