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Verification Services - Background Verification, Criminal checks

"Verification" is starting to become a viable business with the "pain", "pinch", "fear", "threat" being posed from all directions. Everyone is gambling. Speculating. Hoping for the best. Izzat, karma, in’sh’allah, God willing …. PRAY’ing that things won’t go wrong and everything will be ok and as it has been so far and is today. So far so good. India business and individuals / decision-makers always have a laissez faire, bad luck attitude towards risk.

However recent events such as Tehelka, iGate, Delhi bus rape, Uber rape case, Bangalore School rape ... people are awaking to the need for "People Risk". Also “static” does not work. People change their mobile numbers and emailids. Tenants move homes. Landlords sell houses. Employees move to other states. New vehicles are bought. Central or Federal systems and State systems may differ from Metro, Community or Business enterprise needs. Statutory is different from Policies and Guidelines, what really matters is based on behaviour and culture.

You need to find only the bad apples or the one needle (or a few needles) in a haystack.

Verification is starting to become a pain point. Bad publicity, “one idiot.”. New mandates are making you look at the problem of verification an immediacy for you. CSR, Workplace gender issues, whistle blower policy implementation, anarchists & jihadists in your server rooms. Definitely 80%+ of most problems worldwide are the threat from inside – the bad apples and the needles in the haystack.

How do you find the 20% of the 20% of the 20% of the 20% of the 20% who may have already done this, are doing it right now OR will do so in the future? To curb the menace of "People Risk", Riskpro has partnered with other agencies, local authorities and strategic partners to provide an integrated solution to background verification, criminal record checks. Our approach is simple.

We tell you what we will verify and then we carry out those tasks and present the findings. It is then up to you to decide on whether to employ/hire the person or not. Our verification services fees is the most competitive.


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