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SME Risk, Audit and Compliance Tool

Risk Management is of utmost importance today. And Risk Management does not have to be costly. Our web based solution provides many features in an online platform that is completely available to you with no upfront investment. Only a single monthly subscription fee for the tool. What's more. The toll provides fully integrated modules for risk management, internal audit management, incident report and legal / compliance management.

Riskpro's Whistle Blower Tool - Web Based

Riskpro's Whistle Blowing Software is an innovative product from us that enables employees to be fearless and empowered when it comes to pointing out unethical or potential fraudulent behaviours. It is finally official.

Ethics Hotline

Riskpro's Ethics Tool is an innovative product from us that enables employees to be fearless and empowered when it comes to pointing out issues relating to unethical or potential fraudulent behaviours, Sexual harassment or gross Employee Grievances. It is a comprehensive and integrated offering that meets multiple regulatory requirements.

People Risk Tool - PRAY

PRAY is your solution to quantify the people risk elements of your organisation. Besides providing a comprehensive people risk factor assessment, PRAY enables corporates to gain visibility on the top most riskiest employees when rated using a multi factor model.

Supply Chain Risk - SCRAY

Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Yield (SCRAY). With ever-increasing out-sourcing, down-stream and up-stream Supply Chain complexity - the number of Vendors and associated Risks are increasing exponentially.

Compliance Software - Legal Compliance automation

Riskpro, through its strategic partners, offers Legal Compliance or simply Compliance Software for medium to large businesses. Simply put, compliance software help companies in the following ways.

Rx TECH - Information Security and Cyber Security - Lunch and Learn

Cybersecurity and privacy issues, along with infrastructure management and emerging technologies, rank as the top technology challenges organisations face today, according to a just-released survey report from global consulting firm Protiviti and ISACA.

Risk 365 - Risk Outsourcing Redefined

For the first time in India. A unique flat fee pricing for a large set of risk and compliance services.

Risk Management Software - Riskpro India's solution for Automating Risk Management

Riskpro India finally offers small and mid enterprises a risk management tool that helps them to manage risks effectively.

Vendor Risk Software - Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

The third-party risk management software is packed with lots of features to truly make it an excellent resource for the risk management departments to manage vendor risk and third-party risk. Centralized automated solution offering management of all third-party vendors under one roof.

Self Assessment Software Login - India Data Protection Regulation

Riskpro India has developed a Self Assessment tool to evaluate and manage the compliance gaps against the almost here regulation on Data Protection.

Internal Audit Software

  • Riskpro has partnered with technology companies to provide various software to clients.
  • Audit Software provides the following modules as part of the standard offerings:
    • Audit planning
    • Work paper
    • Observations creation
    • Follow up
    • Automated Audit Reporting.