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Management of Stressed and NPA

Riskpro introduces 2 Days Workshop on Management of Non Performing Assets (NPA). We have conducted this training across Indian cities and have developed rich content to benefit Indian Banks.

Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Library

Riskpro has developed an extensive KRI Library for Banking Industry. Overtime, this will be expanded to other industries. Given below is some more information on this KRI Library. Riskpro India is offering a comprehensive KRI Library for Banking Industry. The Library has approximately 525+ KRI established across common business lines, activities and products. The KRI Library is available as an excel spreadsheet format.

Social Media Risk Management Policy

Riskpro India has developed a comprehensive “Social Media Risk Management Policy” that defines the roles and responsibilities, Social Media Risk Management process, social media guidelines, HR policies relating to social media etc. The policy is comprehensive and can be adopted by your firm with little modifications. It also provides for robust reporting and monitoring framework of specific risks relating to Social media.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Health Advisory

Riskpro has conducted a risk assessment to identify which infectious diseases present the biggest risks to travelers visiting Brazil during the tournament and the public health implications after the travelers’ return to his home country.

Environmental Risk Management

We help integrate risk management throughout the Investment Cycle and help companies identify and mitigate: • Environmental and social due diligence (including risk analysis) • Project-specific advice to meet the National and International Environmental and Social Standards • Project-specific business risk management services • Annual monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental, social, and business performance

South Asia Geopolitics

South Asia remains a volatile region with security problems scattered across the length and breadth of the sub continent. Rampant corruption, insurgencies and terrorism remain high on the list of security issues.

Ebola Outbreak and Travel Advisory

Ebola is a viral infection that has engulfed four African countries. There are nearly 44,700 Indians residing Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. About 3,000 Indians reside in Liberia. Of this about 50 to 60 families will be returning to India in the coming weeks and will enter the country through Mumbai and Delhi airports. Containment measures have been implemented at the airports. At the Mumbai airport officials from the immigration and Customs have been briefed about the outbreak.

The China Threat

Amidst all the geopolitical uncertainties Asia remains a stable continent. It has the worlds largest and fastest growing economies with unparelled investment opportunities and with US and Europe in recession the center of gravity is shifting to Asia which has a stable investment climate in terms of security and business. But amidst all the varied threats one threat remains high on the agenda of all Asian nations and that is China.

The Value of FRM

For those of you looking to make a career in risk and management, the gold standard is FRM. Recognised globally, it is an invalable certification that is bound to get you noticed. Riskpro can help nurture budding professionals by providing them with the online E Learnings for FRM.

Preparing your Company against Swine Flu

Riskpro can help you prepare an effective and practical contingency to protect your services for epidemics or pandemics. If you already have a plan Riskpro can audit the plan whether it is fit for purpose or not.

Enterprise Risk Management Training - Mumbai

Organisations are experiencing the need for increased focus on risk management. The challenge for companies is to evaluate how much risk a company can take to meet as it strives towards achieving the organisation’s objectives and delivering value.

Risk Based Internal Audit

Riskpro provides flexible internal audit services. We can be involved either or out-sourced basis or as an integral part of your organization or a mix of the two ends. Whichever structure suits you best, our services will be top class and provided by knowledgeable professionals with deep industry expertise. • Conduct diagnostic study and gap analysis of present System. • Developing and implementing an enterprise wide integrated Internal Control Framework • Formulation of Internal Control policy & User Manual of the Organization. • Establishing a Common Internal Control Culture. • Defining Internal Control Objectives and linkage of the same with the Corporate Objective and Business Plan. • Identification & Classification of Risk • Establishing detailed process covering mainly the risk assessment, risk management and risk monitoring mechanism.