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India: Data Protection Services

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Now India has its own version of Data protection regulation that will change Indian companies do business. Infact some of these may cease to exist given their business models. Riskpro India has been working on offering companies Data Protection assessments, GDPR reviews and gap assessments to help companies adopt and implement the new GDPR regulations. We have done more than 25+ such projects.

Why Riskpro

Riskpro has a team of data privacy consultants and we are adding the team members with each passing month. Some of us are also CIPP/E certified. We have vast experience inn European GDPR and since the Indian version is very similar, we are already familiar with this regulation and can advise you accordingly.

Data Protection Methodology

Our assessment methodology addresses the following key aspects of the regulation.

  • Principles relating to personal data processing
  • Scope determination and application to your company
  • Categories of Personal Data
  • Rights of data subjects
  • Obligations and Controllers and Processors
  • Data Protection by Design
  • Reporting Security Breaches
  • Information Security standards
  • Appointing Data protection Officer
  • Data transfer outside of India
  • Governance Obligations To get an assessment and consulting done for your company, please drop an email to or call 9833767114


Data Protection Retainership Services

Yes, the regulation is several months away. Till then, if you just want periodic guidance on data protection rules and how to build your business, we can recommend a few days a month retainership model for you to make the best of the time and money. Outsourcing the role of DPO in this case makes sense.



Manoj Jain - 9833767114