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Single window Audit services

Riskpro is pleased to announce a Single Point Contact for all your audit services. This is specifically useful to BPO, KPO, software-houses, captive units and Corporates who have to get multiple audits done. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is that multiple accounting and auditing firms are engaged for each and every separate audit, but not any longer. Riskpro can offer SSAE-16, ISO 27000, ISO 38500,compliance, legal audits all under one roof.

RISKPRO and partner firms will offer you a full suite of round the year audit services that include some of the following main audit services:

  1. Finance internal audit (and external audit).
  2. IT Audit. Information, Knowledge, Data, Servers, Cloud, Software-licensing, website, IPR, Patents, Copyright, Piracy, Counterfeit etc.)
  3. Legal Audit. (Statutory compliances, legal docs, land records, tenancy records, infringements, compliance checklists, regulatory needs etc.)
  4. Brand audit : Brand, sales, marketing, publicity and public relations.. Customer audit. Mystery shopper surveys. Recall, recognition, liability index etc.
  5. Management Audit. Leadership. Development. People audit. TCO, ROI, Demand-Supply Inventory match, assortment-mix, profit-centres, cost-centres, outlets & branches. Service Level Agreements.
  6. Risk Audit. Starting from a prioritisation of IMMEDIATE potential risks for prioritisation of all of the above
  7. SSAE 16 and other audits
  8. Legal Compliance Audit.