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Risk Management Software

Need for a Risk Management software

Risk Management is one of the one most important functions in an organization. If the department is not able to manage the risk management process efficiently, then it is not able to maximise its value to the organisation. Automation is one way to effectively make a significant value addition.

When it comes to an effective risk management, you would expect the software to have strong technical features but at the same time be user friendly. This risk management software has exactly that and much more!


Salient Features

  • Identify, Own, Assess, Manage and Review Risks

  • Delegate controls, actions & mitigation but maintain Active Oversight

  • Identify missing controls and control failures

  • Track your Exposure against Risk Appetite

  • Manage Documents over their entire lifecycle ensuring timely sign offs

  • Evidence policies and procedures are understood by staff

  • Eliminate Manual Reporting & Chasing


Technical Features

  • Workflow & Role based system

  • Links Risks, Incidents, Controls, Actions, Documents & KRIs

  • Questionnaire based Controls

  • Flexible Approval Workflow & Secure Read Access Creation and Rollouts of tests

  • Dashboards for Senior Managers

  • Pixel perfect reports

  • Email Alerts and Reminders to control owners

  • Integrates to your system using REST APIs


What’s more? There’s easy implementation!

  • Migration of existing data from your old system into the software

  • Customizable as per your requirements

  • ISO 27001 certified operations team

  • Automated dashboards and report generation

  • Low cost based on monthly subscription fees


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