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DSCI Data Privacy Framework Certification

Riskpro India is an accredited assessment organization to provides companies with DSCI’s data privacy framework. With the frequency and magnitude of cyber-crime attacks on the rise, data security and privacy management are becoming a major concern for IT departments. Proactive measures, Policies, and Periodic Reviews are essential to keep the security and privacy of the Data Assets and Systems.

Organizations need to give periodic and regular, if not constant, assurance to internal and external stakeholders that their data is being protected by strong systems and processes. One way of giving assurance is through CREDIBLE CERTIFICATIONS ON DATA PRIVACY AND SECURITY.


Overview of Data Privacy Framework

The DSCI has introduced a Data Privacy Framework Certification for Indian companies who have implemented the 9 privacy practice areas within their systems and processes to protect the data or information of their customers and clients. Given below is a brief overview for your reference:

Content Source for information stated below on DSCI, DPF©, and DAF-P© is

Data Security Council of India (DSCI)

Data Security Council of India (DSCI), is a not-for-profit, industry body on data protection in India, set up by NASSCOM®, committed to making cyberspace safe, secure, and trusted by establishing best practices, standards, and initiatives in cybersecurity and privacy.

DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©)

To protect the privacy of personal information from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, or misuse, DSCI has conceptualized its approach towards privacy in the DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©) which is based on the global privacy best practices and frameworks. The Framework includes the best privacy practices in the following 9 areas: 1. Visibility over Personal Information (VPI) 2. Privacy Organization and Relationship (POR) 3. Privacy Policy and Processes (PPP) 4. Regulatory Compliance Intelligence (RCI) 5. Privacy Contract Management (PCM) 6. Privacy Monitoring and Incident Management (MIM) 7. Information Usage and Access (IUA) 8. Privacy Awareness and Training (PAT) 9. Personal Information Security (PIS)


DSCI Assessment Framework-Privacy (DAF-P©)

  • The DSCI Assessment Framework-Privacy (DAF-P©) was published in 2012.
  • The aim is to help organizations provide assurance to external stakeholders on the implementation of a privacy program based on DPF©.
  • It consists of two parts, each focusing on distinct aspects of privacy implementation.

Part 1 - Assessment of Organizational Competence in Privacy

  • Assessment questionnaire is based on the practices defined in DPF©
  • Contains suggestive guidance parameters for assessors when conducting assessments
  • Mode of Assessment – Self or External

Part 2 - Privacy Principles based Assessment

  • Helps organizations assess and improve maturity in the implementation of global privacy principles
  • Includes organizational processes that deal with personal information
  • Helps companies optimize their implementation efforts


Advantages of DSCI certification

  • PDF is not specific to any one data protection regulation – the adoption of this framework will help the organizations to comply with any applicable data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.
  • Adopting PDF will also help organizations to comply with the upcoming Personal Data Protection Bill in India.


Validity of DSCI certification

  • DSCI Certification is valid for 3 years subject to surveillance assessments
  • Re-certification assessment is conducted after 3 years


Why choose Riskpro?

  • Riskpro is one of DSCI’s impaneled auditors for the Data Privacy Assessment Framework.
  • Riskpro has a very efficient team when it comes to privacy compliance. A well-suited team comprising of DSCI Certified Privacy Lead Assessors (DCPLA), Internal Auditors, ISO Lead Auditors, and Privacy Compliance Advisors can collaborate with your organization to ensure Privacy Requirements are met from implementation to legal compliance assessments.


Our Services Include:

External Assessment & Certification – We can conduct an external assessment that will help organizations attain DSCI Certification (After a successful Compliance Audit with no Qualifications)

Download our DSCI Privacy Certification Brochure