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Political and Country Risk Analysis

Risk Pro advises foreign and Indian companies on political, country and security risks which can affect the feasibility of their investments and future business plans in India and abroad. We write informative reports on risks relevant to the clients’ operations. We assess the business implications of political, regulatory, financial and legal risks and advise clients on the likely impacts of security risks in their markets.

Risk Pro provides relevant intelligence, vulnerability and threat analysis of Political, operational and security risks. It assists clients in determining how political and other risks affect their operations in different regions and Countries and provides management options and strategies which assist companies with their market entry and expansion.

Risk Pro provides analysis, options and recommendations through its reports. This creates a unique and valuable view of the likely trajectory of risks in key markets. Our analysts are also available to advise clients. We assist companies understand the way a market operates, identify the key players, policy and regulatory agenda, help you mitigate political regulatory, legal, security and reputational risks and protect your assets.

We provide analysis of market entry risk and produce actionable advice that is focused on our clients’ individual needs using our network of sources. As a result, we help put our clients ahead of the competition.

Be better informed about risks in India and other Countries Consultancy for: -Foreign Businesses investing in India - Political and Security risks for foreign businesses operating in India - Businesses Operating in High Risk Regions - Specific reports on risks for Indian companies investing abroad especially in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan

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