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People Risk Tool - PRAY


People Risk Assessment and Yield (PRAY)

PRAY is your solution to quantify the people risk elements of your organisation. Besides providing a comprehensive people risk factor assessment, PRAY enables corporates to gain visibility on the top most riskiest employees when rated using a multi factor model. PRAY is a simple solution that can be implemented as a SaaS solution with little investment, yet providing significant value in the Human Capital Value chain. Riskpro is currently working on a end to end people risk management solution The end result is that our 120+ parameters help to precisely identify the employees, the departments that result in most people risk factors.

You can then take action to ensure that the organisation is not at reputation risk due to these handful of employees. In summary, fixing processes and engaging expensive management consulting engagements is futile unless you reach to the core of such inefficiencies, potential risk factors.... People Risk factors. After all People are the lifeline of any organisation and at the center of all risks too.

Why PRAY? People risk is often forgotten, neglected. Companies build models, frameworks to manage risk..but ignore People themselves!

  • People are, indirectly or directly, at the core of all risks

  • Starting with the way they are; their background, early childhood, how they got to be where they are; personal & family life. Debt, Gambling, indulgent to the good life?

  • Unlike Logistics, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Distribution etc. the risk related to People has a range of ‘different’ local, regional, enterprise, cultural & global implications.

  • Most companies do not have quantitative score or metric that measures people risk levels


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