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AML Training

With a zero tolerance level in Money Laundering and associated large regulatory penalties for non compliance, Banks and other Financial Institutes are spending immense time, effort and money to achieve compliance. Needless to say, it is still not enough. The Black Swan can enter into any Financial Institute’s Branch on any given day and sting the Bank by surprise.

SME Risk, Audit and Compliance Tool

Risk Management is of utmost importance today. And Risk Management does not have to be costly. Our web based solution provides many features in an online platform that is completely available to you with no upfront investment. Only a single monthly subscription fee for the tool. What's more. The toll provides fully integrated modules for risk management, internal audit management, incident report and legal / compliance management.

Women Safety Training

Women Safety Programs are customized to address your needs while teaching safe and simple techniques that the average person may need in their everyday lives.

Riskpro's Whistle Blower Tool - Web Based

Riskpro's Whistle Blowing Software is an innovative product from us that enables employees to be fearless and empowered when it comes to pointing out unethical or potential fraudulent behaviours. It is finally official.

Risk Management Toolkit for SME

Riskpro India has made a first move to develop a unique risk management policy for Indian SME segments. The policy and related documents are well defined to cater to companies of all sizes. Complete Risk Policy, FX Policy, Risk Registers and more are zipped and emailed. Get your copy today. Risk management is essential for all organisations of all sizes.

Management of Stressed and NPA

Riskpro introduces 2 Days Workshop on Management of Non Performing Assets (NPA). We have conducted this training across Indian cities and have developed rich content to benefit Indian Banks.

Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Library

Riskpro has developed an extensive KRI Library for Banking Industry. Overtime, this will be expanded to other industries. Given below is some more information on this KRI Library. Riskpro India is offering a comprehensive KRI Library for Banking Industry. The Library has approximately 525+ KRI established across common business lines, activities and products. The KRI Library is available as an excel spreadsheet format.

Social Media Risk Management Policy

Riskpro India has developed a comprehensive “Social Media Risk Management Policy” that defines the roles and responsibilities, Social Media Risk Management process, social media guidelines, HR policies relating to social media etc. The policy is comprehensive and can be adopted by your firm with little modifications. It also provides for robust reporting and monitoring framework of specific risks relating to Social media.

Basel II Compliance by Banks - Training

The Capital charge calculations for credit and Market risks and Computation of Tier 1, tier 2 and Total capital warrant a clear understanding of Basel Rules as brought out in RBI guidelines. This one day programme, delivered by banking & risk management experts, will help achieve the above objective.

Ethics Hotline

Riskpro's Ethics Tool is an innovative product from us that enables employees to be fearless and empowered when it comes to pointing out issues relating to unethical or potential fraudulent behaviours, Sexual harassment or gross Employee Grievances. It is a comprehensive and integrated offering that meets multiple regulatory requirements.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Health Advisory

Riskpro has conducted a risk assessment to identify which infectious diseases present the biggest risks to travelers visiting Brazil during the tournament and the public health implications after the travelers’ return to his home country.

Environmental Risk Management

We help integrate risk management throughout the Investment Cycle and help companies identify and mitigate: • Environmental and social due diligence (including risk analysis) • Project-specific advice to meet the National and International Environmental and Social Standards • Project-specific business risk management services • Annual monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental, social, and business performance