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Management of Stressed and NPA

Riskpro introduces 2 Days Workshop on Management of Non Performing Assets (NPA). We have conducted this training across Indian cities and have developed rich content to benefit Indian Banks. The sluggish economic growth has led to a sharp rise in NPAs in Indian Banks with the Gross NPA ratio touching 3.90%in June. 2013 RBI has estimated that this may touch 4.40% if the macro economic situation does not improve. Further banks are sitting on a pile of restructured loans.

Bad loans are not a bad news as long as the banks are determined to recover them. What is required is a good understanding of the subject to prevent standard advances from slipping into NPA category and effective use of various tools available to the bankers for timely recovery of NPAs. Bad loans are a drag on resources of the bank; on the one hand, they don’t earn any interest and on the other precious resources are locked up. They erode current profits through provisioning requirements.

Further a lot of time, money and productive man hours are lost in the process of follow-up and recovery of bad loans. Therefore, recovery of bad loans assumes great significance. The course provides participants the understanding of the art of NPA management. The conference provides participants with practical tools and methods required for effective implementation of bank’s NPA management policy. This is an instructor led course designed to provide a practical understanding of the new global framework for risk management.