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Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Library

Key Risk Indicators (KRI) are a very powerful tool within the overall Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework in general, and within Operational Risk Management Framework in specific. There is very little available on KRI. Some websites in international countries provide KRI Library for use by subscribing members.

Riskpro has developed an extensive KRI Library for Banking Industry. Overtime, this will be expanded to other industries. Given below is some more information on this KRI Library. Riskpro India is offering a comprehensive KRI Library for Banking Industry. The Library has approximately 525+ KRI established across common business lines, activities and products. The KRI Library is available as an excel spreadsheet format.


Overview of KRI Library - Developed by Riskpro

- A comprehensive KRI Library for Banking Industry

- About 400-500 KRI established across common business lines, activities and products.

- Highly cost effective. The KRI Library can take Banks upto a few weeks to effectively design and approve. Purchase the KRI library at a small fee and save on salary costs.

- Developed by Riskpro professionals having experience in Operational Risk and Banking.

- KRI Library in an excel spreadsheet format


Benefits of KRI Library

- According to RBI Guidelines, although not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have a robust KRI Framework.

- KRI play a vital role in the Advanced Measurement approach (AMA)

- KRI help to link key risks with operational loss events / near miss.

- Since KRI are quantitative, risk management becomes more meaningful and visibility of risk management efforts is apparent.

- Banks can benefit from substantial savings in employee costs

- Banks will not have to spend endless hours to design, debate and finalise KRIs. These have been designed as such and ready to be used.

- Banks only need to define the thresholds and set these breach limits and escalation mechanism.

- Get a head start. Most of the business activities are covered. Hence, the KRI framework can cover most of the top risks and can start to deliver value from Day one.

- Easy to use. Excel format enables upload to database, vendor software and to be integrated in other business process tools.


Purchase Information

Please email us at to learn more about the KRI Library, KRI sample and purchase price.

The cost is so low that we guarantee that you will like to purchase it immediately. Download KRI Library Proposal.