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Social Media Risk Management Policy

Do you have a Social Media Risk Management Policy? If your answer is NO, then you could spend millions in robust Risk Management Frameworks, but if you ignore what a recently recruited college graduate is posting on Facebook or publishing negatively about your Institute, then you are really not doing much. All your other efforts are wasted.

Riskpro India has developed a comprehensive “Social Media Risk Management Policy” that defines the roles and responsibilities, Social Media Risk Management process, social media guidelines, HR policies relating to social media etc. The policy is comprehensive and can be adopted by your firm with little modifications. It also provides for robust reporting and monitoring framework of specific risks relating to Social media.

The product is priced attractively as off the shelf editable policy format (.docx). The policy will be emailed for Institutes use. You could always develop the policy internally, but the indirect salary costs will be substantial more than our price.

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