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Whistleblowing Software - Third Party Ethics Helpline


Overview of the Whistleblowing Software

  • Encourages internal reporting before venturing outside to the media, the regulator, or social media
  • A system for employees to red-flag actual or potential violations of the Company’s Code-of-Conduct, policies, or law
  • Coverage can include Employees, Vendors, Suppliers, business partners, Dealer Network, Agents and Third-Parties
  • No personally identifiable information is captured so reporters can choose to stay truly anonymous


Overview of Whistleblowing













Features of Case Management Systems

  • The integrated web-based Case Management System feature helps leadership respond promptly to the reports in line with internal process controls so as to identify and address patterns or areas of concern.
  • Facilitate obtaining additional information/clarification from the reporter, even when anonymous
  • Maintain a central repository of all reports
  • Track all cases from receipt to closure
  • Close the communication loop –a critical factor in building trust in the system
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of reporter/complainant
  • Analytical tools to derive relevant statistics on concerns reported, so as to address the issues reported and facilitate process improvements


Key Components of the Comprehensive Publicity Campaign;

  • Print:
  1. Posters & Wallet Cards
  2. Roll Up Standees
  3. Laptop Stickers
  • Digital:
  1. Engaging microlearning videos (~3 10 mins)
  2. Well drafted pre and at launch Email Memos
  3. Desktop wallpaper
  4. Add on Digital (eLearning) Awareness Modules (PoSH, D&I, etc.)
  • Face to Face:
  1. Leadership Sessions
  2. Employee Town Halls / Open Houses


Additionally, Riskpro can help create an effective whistleblowing policy or review your existing whistleblowing policy. We can also help with the implementation of an effective whistleblowing program.

To request a demo of the whistleblowing software or know more details about our services, please email