Sox Training

Our sox training covers the following points.

1. What is SOX?
2. The Act and its Sponsorors.
3. The background for bringing in this act.
4. Major Sections in the Act
5. Section 404 overview
6. Stages involved in SOX Compliance (Audit)
a. Process Documentation
b. Identification and mapping of risks
c. Identification of existing and new controls and mapping.
d. Different types of controls
e. RACM (risk and control matrix.
f. DEA and OEA
g. Walkthrough
h. Process walkthrough vs control walkthrough
i. Deficiency and Remediation plans
j. OEA sample sizing
k. Documenting the test results in a summarized format
l. OEA deficiency and remediation.
m. Implications of wrong disclosures by the management.