FCPA and Anti Bribery Training and Advisory

Corruption and bribery may seem to be more common to India than in other parts of the world. But, with the "Make in India" initiative, global companies will no longer tolerate such a practice. There are stringent Anti Bribery, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) that will make it extremely difficult to use unethical and wrong practices.

Our Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) consulting practice helps companies with the following service offerings.

  • Implement a strong compliance system that includes all the requirements of global regulations to help companies comply with Indian and international regulations.
  • Investigative support to understand the incident relating to FCPA and bribery.
  • FCPA, Anti Bribery and Ethics Training and Workshops. We hold one day, two days or customized training on the subject. We also have E Learning on such topics that can be rolled out to a larger audience.
  • Process Review and Risk Assessment for Bribery and Corruption domains. A quick 2-4 days gap assessment can be carried out of internal processes, and dealings with third party that will highlight the process weakness.
  • Implement Extended ERM framework. Helping companies to extend ERM to third parties.

    FCPA Training Agenda

    FCPA Overview and Compliance Requirements (1 Hour)
    Industry Challenges and Outlook
    History of the FCPA and overview of its requirements
    The law’s key Anti-Bribery and Accounting Provisions
    How to avoid FCPA risk and reputational harm
    International efforts and other laws designed to combat corruption
    Global examples, fines and penalties on FCPA, Bribery

    The UK Anti Bribery Act (1 Hour)
    Salient Features of the Act
    The risks associated with improper payments
    ISO 37001 – Anti Bribery Management Systems- Important Framework elements

    Dos and Don’t s relating to FCPA (40 mins)
    Discussion and debate on important case studies
    Common red flags
    Facilitation payments / Gifts, entertainment, and other reasonable expenses
    Working with local business agents and business partners
    Whistle blower mechanism
    Assessment and Certification (20 minutes)


    Please contact info@riskpro.in to learn more about FCPA and Anti Bribery Services.

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