Diagnostic Risk Scorecard - Free

Riskpro provides in depth process consulting services that ensure that whatever you, it is done in an efficient and error free way. Our Bestselling services (No Cost - No obligation - Know Risk)

Diagnostic Risk Scorecard is our latest offering that can truly add value to your organisation. It is a quick, instant awareness about your organisation with respect to risk management.

Our team of risk experts will visit your office and interact with various level of executives for a day. The process involves probing questions that does not have a right or wrong answers. The responses are analysed and summarized in the form of a scorecard and also bench marked against the competition,if data is available.

More than 100+ aspects are considered as part of the diagnostic review. This scorecard is provided to you FREE OF COST.

To get this free service, contact us at services@riskpro.in

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