Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the backbone of any organization which helps predict, track, analyze, and present information as it relates to business performance and it provides the right apparatus which corporates need to translate data into actionable information. Today it’s evident from business results that right information at right time is the key driver to keep informed your management, stakeholders & investors.

We understand that enterprises use data to derive insight which needs to be delivered at the point of need that enable business leaders to act in fashion that is beneficial to the business and optimized performance, given this backdrop we’re pleased to launch our Business Intelligence Risk services in addition to our existing bouquet of Risk advisory, Consulting, Training & Human Capital Services


In an increasingly uncertain world ensuring business continuity and forecasting threats is always a priority. The Business Intelligence Service is a comprehensive yet affordable global service that advises on business risks. The service is designed to understand, comprehend and mitigate risks to the organization. The product is specifically developed to analyze and assess events which have a direct or indirect impact on business. The service delivers unbiased intelligence and analysis on the most critical and decisive issues impacting the organization. We bring early impact analysis from the business risk oriented events. The product summarizes critical threats and risks and other sources of instability. Threats are accurately identified and measured, vulnerabilities are properly assessed and that risk is calculated properly. It reviews the financial and economic implications of government policies in order to develop strategies to create or maintain strategic advantage. It collectively provides a complete view of the marketplace for executives. The product provides Strategic advisory to business executives

In today’s world, information alone is not enough. It is timely, predictive and actionable intelligence when, where and how you need it, that makes a difference.  The best way to assess the impact of business risks is to subscribe to the product and access the best available advisory service.

Why Intelligence and Business Risk Management is required

The Product assists you in:
-Conducting threat assessment and analyses
-Collecting and disseminate relevant information crucial for your business and staff
-Information gathering for projects
-Analyzing tactical and operational intelligence which iscrucial for the organization on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
-Performing strategic intelligence research on trends, issues and scenario’s important to your business priorities
-Knowing growth and investment opportunities in the coming months.

The Product helps you:
-Assess the organizations’ vulnerability to risks
-Receive advanced advisory of regulatory, legal and political changes
-Inform your decisions based on a level of detail and accuracy rarely available from the mainstream media
-Looking beyond the headlines.
-Finding new angles on which areas or groups will present a particular threat in the future.

Business Intelligence Features

  • Daily Intelligence - Summary of critical risks and developments in India and abroad with options and recommendations delivered by 0900 HRS
  • Weekly Intelligence Briefing
    A summary of the most pertinent developments
  • Monthly Intelligence Review
    A synopsis enabling you to stay ahead of the curve with your intelligence issues and business concerns with maps and trend identification
  • Advisory Service
    Advisory on terrorist attacks, Bomb Blasts, bandhs, demonstrations
  • Intelligence Service
    Intelligence Feeds and Analysis of Breaking news pertaining to an terrorist attack, demonstrations, strikes etc
  • Country Intelligence Custom made Country Intelligence feeds and analysis
  • Industry Intelligence Daily and Weekly Industry specific Analysis

Select benefits to the client

  • Draw conclusions or make assumptions
  • Keep abreast of the regulatory, legal, policy making, political and security issues
  • Understand the impact of government policies on the industry
  • Focused coverage of the business risk environment
  • Assessment of the incident, its potential dangers and risks to your company/organization.
  • Identification of adversaries and likely modus operandi.
  • Development of corporate/organizational options to mitigate threats.
  • Stay apprised of international and national security issues with minimal time commitment
  • Assess the security and commercial threats to your organization
  • Understand future risk
  • Identify and analyze national, regional and international terrorism and insurgency trends and their consequences
  • Assess and understand local and regional, political, social and asymmetric risk factors 
  • Analyze key risk factors affecting a nation’s security and stability 
  • Analyze political, social and asymmetric risk factors that affect key assets, supply chains and personnel  
  • We comprehensively provide you with insight and direction to better position you and your management teams to better run your company.
  • Keeps the organization ahead of critical business risks

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