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With millions of records being stolen, the largest and most secure applications getting hacked, and the best known names affected, cyber risks and cyber threats are the emerging risks that is gaining fast momentum and regulatory attention.

Everyone knows that one day they will be affected, but when and from where and how...they have no clue. Where does an organisation spend money, which application,which cyber risk, which department.

There are lots of questions and concerns, but the answer is fairly simple. Build a long term value added cyber security framework that incorporates people, process, culture, awareness and robust mitigation and monitoring framework.

RBI recently came out with mandatory guidelines on cyber security.
RBI Circular can be downloaded.Download Here

BFSI should adopt leading framework to evaluate their preparedness. Example would be RBI directives to Banks in India, ISO 27 K best practices, ISO 31000 implementation or COSO 2013 guidelines adherence, etc. Cyber Security must be DIFFERENT & SEPARATE from the banks regular Technology & IT Security.

Riskpro's Cybersecurity Audit - Benchmark yourself against the best

For a low audit fee, we help companies to get a sense of maturity and readiness of their cybersecurity framework. To learn more about these audit, email us at

Price: The price of the audit starts from Rs 90,000+ depending upon the complexity and the locations covered.

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